I am going to tell you something that I haven’t told very many people…

I recently had one of those trusted conversations. The “not many people know this” dialogue is precious. I realized, after we got off the phone, the moment of hearing my dear friend say “I want to tell you something…” prompted so many emotions. I was simultaneously excited, nervous, hopeful and full of love for my friend. In that millisecond I worried, “Oh no, I hope I react the right way.” I like to think I inhaled deeply and listened. However, I probably just held my breath. Wanting to be sure I didn’t shift the space of the conversation in anyway. Afraid that even a breath could take room from the words that needed to come out.

On the subject of holding space for the unknown, I recently listened to a podcast about mysticism. And I’m fascinated. As someone who believes there is a lot more going on around us than meets the eye, my interest in how to cultivate interactions with the wonder of the unexplained, and perhaps divine, is at the top of my intrigue list. My takeaway from The Liturgists’ podcast is that sharing certain experiences can almost detract from some of the “magic” around them. It’s interesting, in today’s “how many likes” parade of posts, to think this way. That, for certain instances, a smaller “circle of knowing” actually adds the value vs. taking it away.

Photo by  Wes Grant  on  Unsplash

Photo by Wes Grant on Unsplash

In this world of social media and a wide scattering of information, I visualize thousands and thousands of words zooming past me, like flying cars on a futuristic freeway. Then, in the conversations only meant for a few, I see a rowboat built for two on still water. The sun is lower in the sky and all feels calm. Like the conversation with my friend, a moment of being in true trust feels powerful. When someone has the courage to share and another holds space, this small interaction feels big—precious. It makes me want to remember other “rowboat” interactions on peaceful lakes and, hopefully, have more of them.

Can anyone else relate to experiencing power in one of these trusted conversations? Have you held space for someone and their secrets and felt something sacred in the midst? Feel free to share, or perhaps, embark on a rowboat conversation.


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