Hi, I'm Rebekah. Photo and video courtesy of the most talented Danielle Selby. Please check out her work at www.pasadya.com.


What is a "Brave Tutu"?

“Brave Tutu” means owning a piece of heart real estate that you lost along the way. A brave tutu is a state of mind, not merely clothingAlthough encouraged, physically wearing a tutu isn’t required. This site celebrates “wearing” soul-accessories: pieces past, present, and future that bring forth life and authenticity. It’s a place for an exploration of spirit. There is significance in small moments, big feelings, and all the pieces that might seem “medium” in-between. Embracing them can take bravery. 

Who writes Brave Tutu? What will I find here?

I’m Rebekah Manley. I have an M.F.A. in Children’s Literature, write kid’s books, am Coordinator for Texas Center for the Book and love to serve coffee about once a month. But this site is not only about children or about coffee. It’s a people-place to grow and be real. Come put words to power and pause for defining moments. Here you’ll find the wonder of the whimsical and the reality of raw feelings, including tender heartaches and uninhibited joy. As both a barista and writer, I will serve sips of stories and picture book ideas along the way. I’ll share from an authentic spirit and offer the gift of guest bloggers and artists who’ll do the same. 

You are invited to read about people in everyday life as they put on their “brave tutus.” Notice the tiny speckles of brave tutus across your day, too. They may seem insignificant. However, I claim the power and significance in the small. Treasures abound. Bits of beauty twinge hope. And with hope, sometimes a twinge is enough.

Come along and join in as we declare to one another, “Remember your Brave Tutu!” (Translation: Remember, you’re brave, too-too!)

You are not alone on your Brave Tutu journey.

You are not alone on your Brave Tutu journey.