Connect and "pull up a Bench"

Please "pull up a bench"* and join this Brave Tutu conversation on social media (use hashtags #BraveTutu & #YourBraveTutu), and by adding your thoughts in the "Comment" space below each blog.

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A day "tutu" be brave. Photo courtesy of the very talented Danielle Selby.  Please check out her talent at

*Note on connection:  Author and blogger Emily Freeman asks how her writing can “provide a bench for someone to sit on?” She describes her efforts for a genuine online connection in Jeff Goinspodcast. Her words inspire me and epitomize my goals for this site:

"For me and the way I am made, the word ‘platform’ can be kind of can make my soul shake a little bit. Because I'm not quite sure how to do that. But, what I do know how to do is how to sit on a bench with someone else and have a conversation.  The bench doesn't have to be fancy or flashy, but on the bench there is room for two.”