Fielding Dreams

As a kid, I watched “Field of Dreams” and felt the magic. I saw a man plow his Iowa cornfield to make room for the impossible. As a grown-up writer, the film still resonates. I recently had a dream come true: I signed with an incredible literary agent, Natalie Lakosil of Bradford Literary Agency. Therefore, this film strikes major symbolism. After I signed and sent off our contract, I knew that I wanted to revisit this classic. (I’ll let you get up to speed by watching the preview).

Kevin Costner’s character, Ray Kinsella , uproots his “sensible” farm for a dream that threatens financial stability. But the brother-in-law character walks right through the field and misses the magical players. He just can’t “see it”. As I’ve poured resources into my writing, I’ve sensed the strangers, friends and even family sharing hissentiments: “Are you sure? You’re betting everything on a crazy dream!”  I understand that well-meaning concern, but I’ve plowed forward with my deep dream investment. That’s why the film’s small moment of power struck me so hard:

“Did you hear the voice too? Did you hear it?”

“Go the distance.”


Suddenly, Ray wasn’t alone in this far-fetched plan. He had an ally, outside of his family, who recognized the craziness of his dream AND wanted to go the distance with him.

Similarly, Natalie wants to go the distance with me. She sees the powerful possibility in my words and talent. As we partner, build my career and get my manuscripts in front of publishers, I know others will come. If you are a supporter, I appreciate you joining me for this journey. Many of you are like the wife in the movie—dreaming with me and helping me pack.

Photo by  henry perks  on  Unsplash

Photo by henry perks on Unsplash

Regular Brave Tutu readers know that taking courage in delight is priority. With words beside me on the tractor, I have tended my field; quested after writing to authentically reach readers. That sun has beat down, my friends. At times, I have doubted myself and questioned if my words are worthy.

If you have a dream, can you relate? Do you long for just one person to validate your voice? I get it. Please know that I believe it is bigger than you. Sure, you’ll have some doubters, but I believe the right “distance-goers” will connect with you at the right time. Please keep your courage. You are not alone.

On this life roller coaster, I’m sure I’ll have more times of questioning. However, for now, I rejoice that the magic is now shared. The dreams are outside of my, at times, lonely plowing of corn. I’m grateful that Natalie heard the voice too. Mine.


Your Brave Tutu (You’re brave, too-too!)

-Take courage in delight. Discover power in small moments.


You can read all about Natalie on her  Professional blog, I’m honored to be listed under her clients, or on her page on the Bradford Literary Agency’s website. My bio will be up there soon. 

For fun, in this Mental Floss article you can read more about the film and the ways the writer-director Phil Alden Robinson stuck by the book's author.