Patience has Amazon Prime?

Patience, I see you raising your hand. And when I don’t call on you, you just lean in and nuzzle your head between my shoulder and neck. A soft and fuzzy headbutt. Your bun of hair hits my cheek. “I am me—with you. Please look at yourself with more of me?

Photo by  Hello I'm Nik  on  Unsplash

Oh Patience. You are not just a word that belongs with musty hymnals and hard candies. You are fighting to stay relevant. Trying on hi-low dresses. Signing up for Twitter. You show me your Amazon Prime account and shrug. “Just want to understand what all the fuss is about.”

We laugh. I feel peaceful. Then, I get distracted from you. Open my phone. News feeds are FULL. Full of what I’d thought I’d have by now. I take it out on you. Sometimes, you are so frustrating! I tear up. Yell a little. Of course, I don’t mean you’re frustrating. But finding you sure is. There’s no overnight shipping. I guess that’s the point. I grit my teeth.

You take it. Not mad. Just…You.

Of course. I guess that’s kinda what you’re all about. You comb out my hair. I relax a tiny bit. Before closing my eyes, I catch a glimpse of you in the mirror. 

Photo by  Jovis Aloor  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jovis Aloor on Unsplash

Patience, you look a lot like me. I guess that’s a start.

Powerful Moment Conversation: “Patience” came to me after a free write exercise with my Write. Submit. Support. Class at The Writing Barn. We drew quotes on tiny white paper scraps. Our instructions: choose one word and free write.

“I heard a preacher say recently that hope is a revolutionary patience; let me add that so is being a writer.”—Anne Lamott

You know what word I chose—but I can’t help but feel it chose me. I hope patience chooses me more.

How do y’all envision Patience? What would it look like in a loving and human form? A little something like you?


Your Brave Tutu (You’re brave, too-too!)

-Take courage in delight. Discover power in small moments.