Obvious Elevator

One day, the gym’s spinning room door was cracked open. I peddled and I saw people waiting around, not joining our class. Suddenly, what I thought was only a wall parted open! I couldn’t believe it. How had it taken me FOUR years to notice an elevator?

I will stop dead in my tracks if I spot glitter on the sidewalk. However, at the gym, I walked past powerful, upward transportation without noticing. I average 1 to 3 spinning classes a week at the amazing Townlake YMCA. Math shows that I have walked past this elevator at least 300 times. To be fair, I wasn’t exactly looking for it. When I go upstairs, it’s for the less than regular yoga. Speaking of New Years resolutions, that’s on my list AGAIN this year.

I can’t promise that every Brave Tutu New Years article with be elevator themed. But this year marks number three. In Paint Doors, Gain Passage, I explore waiting for something inoperable and the strength in permanently shutting down the unhealthy. In Elevator Up, I wonder about those unpushed-possibles as we “wait” with muscle memory. They are different, but each explore elevators: a device that can powerfully lift upwards. This theme seems in line with the new and powerful year! 

Photo courtesy of  Andrew Welch  on  unsplash.com

Photo courtesy of Andrew Welch on unsplash.com

This year, I think about continuously walking by this “elevating passage” and wonder what upward-possibilities am I constantly passing by. So many New Year’s goals can be drastic and powerful. Of course, those resolutions have their merit. But, true to Brave Tutu, I wonder about the small and “everyday” pieces that can be raised up. For example, a friend of mine is simply drinking more water. She challenges herself to drink eight cups a day, intentionally building off an everyday habit. One small step I’m taking is eliminating one word from my vocabulary—SHOULD. Instead, I’m replacing this word, which can come with loaded guilt over many situations outside of my control, with powerful words of ownership and forward. For example, I might say “I’m aiming for” or “this is the purposeful step I’m taking” instead of “I should have done x, y or z”.

Whether it is a word or an everyday action, I think there is power in noticing the pieces that are right there—perhaps always present—that can be taken upward. Bravery doesn’t always mean “big”—I’d like to hear about your goals, of any size, that simply stem off the “already”.


Your Brave Tutu (You’re brave, too-too!)

-Take courage in delight. Discover power in small moments.

P.S. With Prince and partying "like it's 1999" and not letting "de-elevators bring us down"....I pretty much have no choice but to share: Prince - Let's Go Crazy (Official Music Video)!