Elevator Up

I stood in the elevator, faced the doors and waited. I’m not sure how long. Somehow I noticed the problem—“Oh, I need to push the button.” Has that ever happened to you?

The rote motion of getting in an elevator and then the muscle memory of the process should kick in. But something blanks. Zoning out on a leisurely stroll or bike ride—sure. But the mission of an elevator ride is straightforward. In. Push. Journey. Destination. If only life were more “elevator-esc.” The common phrase “I wish it could all happen with just a push of a button” actually applies to elevators!

Photo courtesy of unsplash.com

Photo courtesy of unsplash.com

Push. I pushed the button, got off on the floor and went to my appointment. That small moment stuck with me and, in Brave Tutu spirit, I knew I wanted to dive in. Of course, the upward-symbolism in elevators can be a bit of a softball. Last January, I published Paint Doors, Gain Passage and talked about how painting over certain life “elevators” can be necessary. (Who knows, maybe we will make elevator articles a New Years’ tradition *smile*). The New Year, like a ride in the lift, is a time to “get in” and go towards something.

I’m wondering what buttons might be right in front of us, just waiting to be pushed. What are some of the simple steps that can almost happen without a ton of effort, but just need the “go ahead” for us to rise up?

There was a time where an elevator operator was an actual job. You can read their stories on a website dedicated to elevators: In the wave of having robots in our houses, I think we can forget. Now, we live in an era of “making things simple” and “eliminating the middle man.” Sometimes, if our elevator is not moving, it is because we are just standing there, waiting. On what? Which button needs a push to position you upward?



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On my way down from the appointment, the delivery man got off. “Someone pushed ALL the buttons.” He had to abandon ship. Makes sense. Reminds me of that scene from the Serendipity movie, where the kid pushes every button and stares down John Cusack.