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One of my controlling beliefs is I know I’ve made a right decision when events happen easily and the outcomes are better than I could have ever imagined.

This summer I visited my childhood home in Hawaii to celebrate the life of my aunt, who had recently passed away. The day before I was to leave the islands, I learned Hurricane Harvey was heading toward Texas. Could I change my flights and get back early? Yes. It all fell together. I booked a red-eye that night.

The downside was less time with one of my cousins. We’d only seen each other in group settings and were looking forward to spending the whole next day together. But thanks to her boss, she left work early and we crammed one day into three hours.

Most of all we wanted to return to Punchbowl Cemetery, more formally known as the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. That is where my aunt, uncle, and parents are interred.

It was late in the day, almost closing time, and we didn’t see any other visitors. The grounds were whisper quiet. Only the leaves on the breeze and an occasional bird spoke. The sun played among the clouds. The day cooled.

We left bouquets of red torch ginger, and orange and yellow heliconia, and I said my aloha until next time.

Photo courtesy of  Abigail Keenan on  unsplash.com

Photo courtesy of Abigail Keenanon unsplash.com

As we drove out of the cemetery, with its expansive view of Honolulu in the foreground and Diamond Head in the distance, a full double rainbow appeared.  Hawaii and rainbows are ubiquitous. I’ve seen my fair share of partials and even a full, once or twice. But never two full double rainbows.

It was a sign from above. Truly.

All was well.

Had I left the next day, we would have missed the blessing.

Photo courtesy of  Sam Bond Photography .

Photo courtesy of Sam Bond Photography.

Bio: Born in Hawaii, Anne Bustard is still a beach girl at heart. If she could, she would walk in the sand every day, wear flip-flops, and eat nothing but fresh pineapple, macadamia nuts and chocolate. Anne is the author of three non-fiction works for young readers including the award-winning BUDDY: THE STORY OF BUDDY HOLLY. Her middle grade debut, ANYWHERE BUT PARADISE, was a 2016 finalist for the WILLA Literary Award and the Texas Institute of Letters Best Children’s Book Award. Anne lives in Austin, where she is part of the vibrant writing community. You can find her online at www.annebustard.com

Brave Tutu Note: Anne was my first “writing friend” in Austin. I moved here because we have one of the best children’s literature communities in the nation. I went to our meetings and slowly tried to connect in the midst of a busy work schedule. Anne, friends with our longtime friend Lane (who has a guest article on Friday), called me up for coffee. That simple afternoon grounded me in the “why” I took the leap of faith to move.  We talked about life and Anne shared her writing journey. She continues to be a support and I am so honored to have her in my life.



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