Take In

Cruise goal #1: Connect with crew. For the first time ever, I cruised as a passenger. I worked for Carnival out of college and never sailed as a guest. While on board, I made a special friend and he shared his daily schedule:

“Around 3 O’clock, I take in a coffee.” His words stuck with me. In Spanish, people say “Tomar el café”, or “take in” coffee. Also, contextual to a cruise, “to sunbathe” uses the same verb with “tomar sol.” Apparently, French and Hindi have similar translations: a more purposeful “taking in” of sorts. 

Photo courtesy of  unsplash.com

Photo courtesy of unsplash.com

While on the cruise, I soaked in sun and coffee with zero social media. Once off the ship, I drank in news, people’s posts and comments on recent events. I felt like I needed to “catch up” and understand perspectives. Pretty soon, I felt saturated. There seems to be no magic straw available to take in, navigate and process.

Is my mind processing sufficiently? Am I doing enough? I know the answer is no. If I am honest, some of the calls to action, heartfelt pleas, overt social media arguments, articles and tweets…overwhelm me.

I am absorbing a lot, but no matter what, I don’t feel like I am drinking in all the information. What do I need to just let wash over me and what do I need to take in and use as energy? 

Photo courtesy of  unsplash.com

Photo courtesy of unsplash.com

Brave Tutu is not a political space. Our purposeful intent is not to tackle the huge. Tiny instances deserve their own time in the sun and, I believe, are necessary. These small moments spark power and thought. True to this, a fragment of a conversation—“take in my coffee”—inspired these imperfect musings.

If it were an option, I would consider bathing in coffee. However, in reality, that could burn. Feel free to sip on them and offer thoughts on how to “take in” the today of it all. Please be gentle in your thoughts and I promise to “take them in.” I have confidence that Brave Tutu readers will as well.


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-Take courage in delight. Discover power in small moments.