I propose: Soul Mates

Waves crashed the shoreline. The sun sayonara-ed with gold, pink and orange. A small pack of people scurried on the beach, laying down a blanket and lighting candles in luminary bags. We were not sure what they were doing, but it looked important and speed seemed essential.

The fleet of friends finished their set-up and ran up the hill towards us. They dove behind the wall and whispered, “We can’t let them see us.”

“Who are they? Which ones?” the crowd asked while scouring the beach.

“He’s wearing the white shirt. She’s in the sundress. He is going to propose!” The girl (I think the proposer’s sister) hid behind me. “He is really shy. Please try not to stare. Are they getting close?”

I gave her the play-by-play. “They are walking up now.”

She dropped to her belly, lying flat and forward, peering over the edge of the bench. “I can’t let them see us. If she sees me, she’ll know something’s up.”

The couple was in their own world. I imagine if Shack, Ellen or Obama were up on the hill with us, they wouldn’t have looked twice.

Down on the beach, the bride-to-be almost walked past the romantic-blanket-of-engagement-ambiance. The guy stopped her and got down on one knee. A member of the friend pack leapt from hiding and started taking pictures with one of those serious black cameras.

The whole event was cinematic, but for me, the power of the moment wasn’t with the couple. Sure, I was happy for them. But my takeaway and delight was with the proposal-prep-team. I’m sure finding that true love and being proposed to has to be magical. I wish it for everyone with the right person and the right time. But the real magic that I felt and experienced was this group’s love for this couple.

Photo courtesy of  unsplash.com

Photo courtesy of unsplash.com

Perhaps the wondrous magic isn’t only in that one SOLE-mate but in the special select who genuinely delight in our delight.

They wanted everything to be perfect. They didn’t want to be seen or recognized; they simply wanted magic for their loved ones. I’ve heard all the statements i.e. “true love only comes around once” yada yada yada. However, I propose (word choice intended) that true love manifests in many forms— surrounding us; supporting us. Perhaps the wondrous magic isn’t only in that one SOLE-mate but in the special select who genuinely delight in our delight. Those friends and family are true treasures indeed. Think about it— who do you think would be on that beach for you? I count myself fortunate to know some soul mates in my life whom, at times, simply show up to love. I hope you’ll share this article with yours.


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