Rush Parking

I was running late for work. In accordance with parking-late-law, that meant zero convenient spots. Up in the heights of the garage my green beetle climbed. Around each turn…Oh is that a spot? SMART CARS, you tease! Jumbo SUVs were in the compact car spots. I imagined they were embarrassed, jammed in and refusing eye contact. Ultimately, the Nissans and the Elements kept Forrest Gumping me— “this spot’s taken.”

I should have arrived earlier.  You do this to yourself, Rebekah.My negative voice takes a microphone when I’m already frustrated. I got to the highest point in the parking garage and thought, Great. Outside and its raining. No wonder. I pulled in and grabbed my things. Just as I closed the car door, I looked up!

inside beetle.jpg

The view made me pause. I took a deep breath and let the sky sink in to my spirit. I knew, true to Brave Tutu, there was power in that moment. I remember, “Hey, I’m late to a job I LOVE!” Our office looks out at the Capitol, but how many times do I miss the view?

That climb, the one that made my morning worse, ended in delight. How interesting that a few extra minutes gave me a beautiful kick-start. I’m pretty sure that the Beetle’s perpetual grin even grew bigger at the patio view.

I’ve worked on the Capitol grounds for almost four months and the “ideal spots” never lead me to this skyscape opportunity. I wonder what other majestic moments are missed when I haste the day away?

In Brave Tutu’s mission, I preach taking the time to discover power in small moments, yet I’m sure I miss them regularly. Specifically in life’s rush, how do we rise to the top to reflect on the view? What can you do daily to elevate your spirit for a quick moment of gratitude? I need your answers. No rush, though.


Your Brave Tutu (You're Brave, too-too!)




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