Plane Crackers

I can’t finish these crackers. Seconds earlier, it was a different story. “Cream cheese and Ritz, TOGETHER IN A CRACKER?” I commented to the flight attendant. I was already planning to ring my “call button” for a couple extras. But I’m a bit in and the saltiness is a little overwhelming. I'd rather eat packs of peanuts than feel a tummy ache.

I look at this pack of crackers and don’t want to waste them. Honestly, I feel guilty. The bonus about planes is the time they give time me to think. I take a moment. As with the crackers, I realize I often "hold myself" to things that don't matter. Eventually, I’ll let myself off the hook but not without a significant guilt talk. Even with something as simple as crackers! Why?

Don't get me wrong, goals, accountability—that’s all good. I'm just talking about the small things. Obviously, they matter to me. I dedicate Brave Tutu’s focus to meriting tiny moments. But the agonizing over small things, i.e. not eating crackers? I need to check myself.

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I'll give another example of a “small thing made big”, also from the plane: I felt bad pulling the stuffing out of my neck pillow. I paid for the pillow, it had a zipper and clearly allowed access to moderate the stuffing. It hurt my neck, I couldn't get comfortable...but still I felt guilty. I remember the process. Should I save the stuffing? Maybe someone might need it. I don't want to waste it. I took several “pain in the neck” trips before adjusting the pillow. Ironically, I think about how much time I wasted on stuffing worry! 

As we celebrate two years of the power in small moments, my hope is that we continue to take notice of them AND be aware of when those small moments take us for BIG mind spins. I’ll address them: "Hey tiny moments, you matter! But SOMETIMES you are also small pieces that don’t deserve big portions of my energy.” That felt good. Who's with me? Anyone else have examples? How, especially in this holiday season, do we appreciate the small stuff, but not “sweat it” as they say? (Or drive us “plane crackers?! *smile*) Please take a moment, but no worries if it's better to let the moment pass you by. I'm with you.


Your Brave Tutu (You’re brave, too-too!)

-Take courage in delight. Discover power in small moments.

Update: The woman a seat over from me wanted my crackers. It all worked out.