What KIND of date?

A moment on the radio: A guy “pulls out all the stops” for his date and can’t figure out what went wrong. He explains, “I wanted to make a great first impression and really treat her ‘right’ like a true gentleman. I gave her flowers, took her to the best restaurant, bought her a drink afterwards and she couldn’t get away fast enough.”

Intrigued, I root for this guy UNTIL I hear, “I chose my best car…and it wasn’t like I was expecting to ‘close the deal’ but at least a kiss or a hug; some respect.”

The radio show calls the girl, Shannon, for her response. “Oh! It was the worst date I’ve ever been on. He gets to my house and honks.” Apparently, in a bright orange Lamborghini with the “life up doors” (that I imagine looks like this).

Courtesy of  unsplash.com

Courtesy of unsplash.com

The guy insists that the valet moves other cars so he can have his in the front of the restaurant.

Shannon stresses, “I don’t want to be with someone who treats others like they are lesser.” (Amen, Shannon. If I’m on a date with a guy and he is rude to the server, I’ll want the check before the appetizers.)

 She continues, “He was so rude to the valet…and in the restaurant he sent his food back twice. He made the staff bring out five different wines to taste.”

 “The guy didn’t know how to pair the wine with the food. How did their incompetence make me look rude?” Jesse interjects on the call.

Poor Jesse wasn’t getting it. Everyone pauses for a second, then the hosts take the reigns: “Jesse, we just don’t think Shannon is the right match for you. There is a girl for you and she exists in Austin.”

What they weren’t saying (everyone who really HEARD Shannon knew the subtext): Unfortunately, there’s a girl who will be impressed by your “honk to come out to my nice car” approach. She’ll like how you demand the best for her at the expense of others. Shannon is not that girl. Good for you, Shannon.

Take Away: Without a doubt, I believed this man wanted to give Shannon the best time. It’s fascinating, and a tiny bit disheartening, how his version of treating her well meant the opposite for others. That was the power of this small moment for me. I wondered what times I meant goodness for others at the kindness-cost for someone else. Of course, the instances might not be a rude extreme, but they could exist all the same and I want to be aware. Please share if you have an example; there won’t be judgment. Unless you constantly let people know about your multiple Lamborghinis with the “life up doors” and, in that case, no promises.


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