Drive Thru the Point

Photo courtesy of  fan uploads .

Photo courtesy of fan uploads.

I pulled up to the first window and proudly handed over my coupon—the catalyst to my entire visit—and paid. In the back of my brain, I felt like I was missing something, but I whizzed forward anyway. I flew right past that second window and my buy-one-get-nothing breakfast sandwich.

I got to the road and realized my mistake. I turned around, parked close by and ran up to the window. “Hi, I forgot my food,” I said sheepishly, sort of with the tone of “I’m sure this happens all the time.” But who really knows. My guess is those that receive actual “free sandwiches” in the mail and make the journey don’t usually forget their food. There are no stats I can find.

As I happily ate both my sandwiches, I felt that Brave Tutu tug. There must be power in the moment of completely missing the reason for arrival. Like a soldier skydiving and forgetting their mission at landfall. Personally, I recall occasions I’ve set out to be supportive, often internally. I’ll strategize, basically draw out charts of positive thinking, but when I show up for game day, I can turn into a secret grump. Why is that? I picture my psyche, bewildered, calling out from the window-- “Hey, you forgot your whole purpose? You’re leaving (emotionally) hungry!?” 

I wonder, when have y’all shown up with the best of intentions—only to miss (or forget) the point altogether? If that's you, please pull up to the comment window and share your experiences—no coupon required.


Your Brave Tutu (You’re Brave Too-Too)

-Take courage in delight. Discover power in small moments.