Communicate the Line

Engrossed in a good movie, I didn’t want to leave. I cursed myself for chugging the large coke, waited until a spot in the movie that I could tolerate missing and sprinted to the bathroom. A line greeted me. I smiled at the people in front of me and tried to be patient. I was pretty desperate and didn’t want to miss any more of the film. What was taking so long? I didn’t want to appear pushy. So I waited just a little more.

Finally I asked, “Have y’all checked all the stalls?”

The front woman, on her phone, shared, “Oh, I’m just waiting for a friend.”

The other stepped forward and realized multiple stalls were open.

I linebackered forward into one of the many open stalls. Too much in a rush to be annoyed. *Okay, I was a little annoyed at their passiveness. But, I was passive too.* What could have been done?

I asked myself this question later. As I reflected on the experience, it struck me how all of us were waiting on someone else’s action. The woman in front was waiting on her friend (definitely could have communicated better). The lady after her had visual access for a feet check, but assumed the line leader had done her diligence. I assumed the women in front of me either knew each other or, at least, were on top of bathroom etiquette. I eventually stepped up (how long would they have stood there?) but could have acted sooner.

I wonder how many of us are basing our actions, big or “bathroom small”, on others? I think about my life and I’ve decided to take a real look at the things I desire. If I don’t have them yet, I’m questioning— “Am I waiting on the actions of others to make my life what I want?” Does this resonate for you? Sometimes, peace comes when I realize that I am doing all I can and the line just has to stand. Other times, I will communicate and politely own “hey, y’all can wait, but I have a great story to get to.” After all, so many doors are open; we need to be responsible to check them out.


Your Brave Tutu (You’re brave, too-too!)

-Take courage in delight. Discover power in small moments.