Bathroom Kindness

I am minding my own business at the new Yeti Flagship store, washing my hands when WHAMMM!

I slam my elbow into the side of a wall.

“Ouch.” I grab my elbow.

“Oh no, I’m so sorry. That hurts so much,” says the kind woman next to me.

I feel my eyes watering.

“It hurts like hell,” the lady commiserates.  “No one should call it the funny bone, should they?”

 “It hurts so much.” I glance at the wall, expecting to find a shelf sticking out about a foot. Instead, I spot a tiny ledge.

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The lady rushes to me. “When that happens, it just takes someone going like this to help.” With two hands, one still holding her paper towel, she cups my elbow, securing it with pressure. Immediately, I feel relief.

“Thank you so much, that helps.” This time, my eyes tear up with appreciation.

“You are so welcome.” Just like that she releases my elbow. There is nothing awkward. This kind woman, probably about 20 years older than me, acted with quick consideration.

“I hope you have a wonderful day,” I call after her. “I appreciate you.”

She looks back at me. “I appreciate you too.”

I knew she meant it. We both connected in that moment. There was an understanding of human goodness. Minutes before, I’d walked from work down Congress Ave from the Capitol. I heard the Friday rush hour honks and felt drivers’ tension. I said “hello” as I walked with a smile. Some ignored me and I wished Texas friendly policy would arrest them.

 In that bathroom exchange with a stranger, I felt connected with humanity. That sweet woman’s core held the want and need to ease my pain. She acted without hesitation or expectation. This is a reminder for when I slip into thinking people might not care about each other. When I have a bone to pick with the unfriendly, I’ll remember this moment. Funny how kindness like the lady I just met doesn’t stall out in the bathroom.

Where is an unexpected place you’ve experienced kindness without hesitation?


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