Sign Holders

I live by the Texas State Capitol, and the Austin marathon encapsulates my neighborhood.  On race days, I stay put or walk instead of drive. But last month, I was teaching a class and I had to find a way out. I inched towards 15th street, hoping I could get to the highway. I spotted a clump of spectators with signs, yet cars were on the street. I got closer and saw the tail vehicle behind the final runner.

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Take In

Cruise goal #1: Connect with crew. For the first time ever, I cruised as a passenger. I worked for Carnival out of college and never sailed as a guest. While on board, I made a special friend and he shared his daily schedule:


“Around 3 O’clock, I take in a coffee.” His words stuck with me. In Spanish, people say “Tomar el café”, or “take in” coffee. Also, contextual to a cruise, “to sunbathe” uses the same verb with “tomar sol.” Apparently, French and Hindi have similar translations: a more purposeful “taking in” of sorts. 

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Guest Post: Carol Coven Grannick on Life, Writing & A Word In Praise of Emotional Safety

This morning I see a child on the early side of toddler, snuggled like a well-placed puzzle piece in his daddy’s arms.

He smiles at me, reaches out with one arm, as if I will be a wonderful new discovery. I reach back…

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